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Model 10 Amateur Radio Data Center Power Supply Adapter 

Adapter module snaps onto Data Center Power Supply connector.

Output power to amateur radio equipment via dual Anderson 45 Ampere Power Pole connectors.

Jumper selects 12 Volt or 13.8 Volt output for Data Environment modified Data Center Power Supplies.

10 segment LED bar graph displays internal power supply states and output voltage selection. Additional user LED segment accessible via square pin input connector.

LEDs show voltage present on output +12V(13.8V) and +3.3Volt outputs.

5 pin Remote Power Switch connector accepts an optional remote power switch. Without the optional remote power switch, power is selectable via square pin jumper.

Data Center Power Supply powered from 90-264 AC volts, 47-63 Hertz, via IEC 320 C13 power cord, no minimum load required.

Voltmeter measuring points are conveniently placed.

Power Adapter provides +3.3 Volts on square pins for external user-supplied logic circuitry.
Model 10

Data Center Power Supply powering an Elecraft KX3 Transceiver with PX3 Panadapter:


Data Center Power Supply Elecraft Receiver
160 Meters will be most likely affected by power supply noise:

Data Center Power Supply Elecraft Receiver
Actual performance Elecraft KX3 Transceiver with PX3 Panadapter running on the Data Center Power Supply:

The test was duplicated by running the transceiver on batteries with the same result. None of the spurs visible on the panadapter screen changed from battery operation to operation on the Data Center Power Supply.

The noise level shown is roughly equivalent to the noise of a 50 ohm resistor in free space. Very good performance for the Data Center Power Supply and the Elecraft Transceiver.

Result: Radio Silence

Data Center Power Supply Elecraft Receiver