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Data Environment Electronic Design and Computer Software Services

Electronic Engineering Companies – Support your internal engineering staff by outsourcing parts and pieces of your electronic and software design. Rapid prototype and fixturing support gets your product to market fast.

Electronics Assemblers – Expand the services you provide without maintaining a costly internal design staff and complex engineering tools. Get the test fixturing support you need.

Software Groups – Get hardware up and running quickly to validate and demonstrate your software design.

Startups – Get funding with a working tangible prototype that shows off your proof of concept.

Data Environment's engineering designs are done in house in the U.S.A. Through our partnerships with local manufacturing and assembly plants, Data Environment can manage the production of your product, including purchasing, assembly, programming and inventory. Data Environment has designed electronic systems ranging from the simple to the complex. No design is too small or too large. The staff of Data Environment holds three U.S. Patents on electronic circuit and system design.

Steps from Possibility to Product-
• Need.
• Idea.
• Circuit Design.
• Software Design.
• Mechanical Packaging Design.
• Parts Selection and Location.
• Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) or Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Design.
• Analog Circuit Simulation with SPICE.
• Digital Circuit Simulation with Verilog Test Benches.
• Electronic Schematic Creation.
• Parts List Creation.
• Printed Circuit Board Layout.
• Printed Circuit Board Fabrication.
• Printed Circuit Board Parts Assembly.
• Mechanical Package Fabrication.
• Testing and Verification.
• CPLD or FPGA Design Touch-Up.
• Software Touch-Up.
Any or all of these steps can be performed by Data Environment to exactly meet your needs.

Data Environment has available the following services:

• Design of low cost consumer products.

• Rapid prototype design for the proof of concept of your product idea.

• Replacement of legacy hardware and parts with modern designs.

• Redesign of existing products because parts have become obsolete and are unavailable.

• Replacement of large through hole designs with smaller Surface Mount Technology.

• Addition of wireless and wired networking to existing designs.

• Production and maintenance of existing designs.

• Your Technology Experts.

If you have a schematic and need a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufactured, we can rapidly lay out your board and deliver the necessary tooling files for PCB fabrication. You may have your board fabricated by any manufacturer that you wish or Data Environment can arrange fabrication.


• Systems and products that are extensions of and controlled by Personal Computers.

• Data acquisition systems.

• Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

• Design of computer peripherals including the following protocols: RS232, RS485, PCI, USB, Ethernet, SCSI.

• Firmware design for all types of microcontrollers and peripherals.

• High speed digital design using MECL and LVDS.

• Radio and wireless designs. Radio and infrared control, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh radio networks.

• Have your products join the Internet of Things (IOT).

• Software drivers for your products.

• FPGAs, CPLDs and other complex programmable logic.

Hardware and Firmware Tools available (partial list)

• Schematic capture software to draw schematic diagrams.

• PCB Layout software with no-compromise autorouter.

• FPGA and CPLD design tool software, simulators and development platforms.

• EPROM Programmers and erasers.

• Electronic Instruments for measurements from DC to 1800MHz and up.

• Microchip 8, 16 and 32-bit PICsoftware development tools, device programmer and hardware development platforms.

• Software and hardware development tools for most modern ARM processorss.

• Intel 8051 Microcontroller Software and hardware development tools for many variants.

• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) development tools.

• Network development software and hardware platforms, wired and wireless.

• Analog design SPICE simulation tools: LTSpice, Simetrix and PSpice.

• Fast internetworking to the world.

Data Environment provides all source and tooling files with documentation.

Competitive rates with rapid turn around time.

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